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October 14, 2013


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And back ^O^
So yeah tomorrow turned to two days later....
But ah such is life ^^;

BUT I've come bearing Info and Pics so around the exact same time this journal gets uploaded so does the pictures or slightly before ^^
So yeah Info,Progress, Positions & Opportunities for RRBD and yes in that order ^^

This may take a few minutes to read but yeah, try to deal with it as this helps with whether RRBD rises or falls :P


Okay so here's the info so far on "RRBD".

There is a "PLOT" for RRBD but it's being put aside for another viewpoint me and some of the people I've talked to have suggested. However for the gist for the world and the boys still stand as this

-Brick Boomer and Butch are all "12" in this universe, they've started 7th grade and are coming to terms with both themselves, life and the drama of the tale when it is put into its final perspective.

-As None of the Power Puff Girls have ALL the same power sets and attributes the Boy's themselves also represent their own unique abilities and appearances and persona's.

-Brick is the leader (obviously right XD ) the "oldest" and and is the most skilled, focused and rational member of the three. He manipulates the element of fire both as a comedic and purposeful point in the stories and also, in comparison to the PpG RRB, is the most educated of the three smart enough to be in the final years of high school but sticks with his brothers in getting through 7th grade.

-Butch is the 2nd oldest of the group and is the dumbest and the "strongest" of the three. Unlike Brick and Boomer who each manipulates a certain extra skill add on he's specialty is merely having POWER in his corner and lots of it as opposed to Boomer and Brick. But despite this he's yet to beat Brick in a single one one one confrontation. He prefers the more "grown up" points of society, and is known for both his undying hunger and that he managed to make it to 7th grade by "the skin of his teeth" as stated by Brick.

-Boomer is the youngest of the three and considered the most "in tune" of the three boys and a somewhat middle ground between Brick and Butch. Apart from just being the most emotional of the group his specialty is "The Boom" as Butch puts it as Boomer deals in Sonic Based abilities and is the fastest of the boy's capable and moving at the speed of sound. He is also the most "Odd" of the three and as opposed to Bubbles who at times seems so "misused" or "unused" Boomer in this world makes up for it with his good nature and sweetness coming back to bite him on the butt :P

-The boy's have just moved into a New Life City(city name under development) an experimental city where new clean energy is used to fund and move most of every day life necessities. It's not the "Jetson" age but there are some very sweet high tech forms of transportation and buildings but it will still have a normal city setting and normal city fun spots. So yeah there are the normal hang out spots and places to go so yeah they'll be used alot ^^

-The boy's Live with Mojo ^^ But i'll explain more about him later on in the "Opportunities section" ^^

-The Story WILL NOT follow anything related to Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon or any game of anime based outlet. It will feature an original world with original characters original villains With Spoofs of the PpG enemies and also a 4TH RRB But information on that will be explained in the "Opportunities section" ^^


-RRBD progress i won't lie has been stuck ^^Between what has happened in the past 3 months of school and dancing with "fate" All RRB major productivity has been written wise not pic wise :P so I'd say It's at least 10-15% in the makings as of now ^^
And considering the fact that I've received NO WORD from people on the volunteer positions I've mentioned before I guess you could double that to 30% tops if i decided to just stick to whatever flow i have going for it ^^ Still all in all I've also decided I'm gonna need to do some organization of how the story goes pre-script wise as well so yeah I'm again considering the option of One Shot views for comic ideas on RRBD in place of a Main story or until the main story is set ^^
AND ALSO as this is my LAST year of College Please hold on for delays to undoubtedly happen ^^
So if i say tomorrow and it DOES turn out to be a week or two or a month later don't hold it against me :P


 -Again i mention this I'm Looking for a team ^^ And again i point out that the job position is volunteer with little to NO Pay save for your name being in the comic, credit for what has been done and possible fan art of your oc (s) ^^
I know this seems like a shot in the dark but help HELPS :P and i know since the position is volunteer NO ONE wants to work for free but eh Me not doing EVERYTHING means more work get's done on the comic ^^
Plus if it goes well the credit can be a major boost for said person who works on it so yeah cha ching credit of "mad" skills :P
The positions are:

-Advisers for the Main Script aka Story of RRBD

-Advisers for One shot ideas for RRBD

-Advisers in the character creation and development of the Characters and the Enviornment of RRB

-Drafters/Pencilists: People for The BASE layout of the Characters, and World of NLC New Life City (such as stick figures/blocks of characters and cities or head shots and clothe drafts next to the oc mentioned)

-Inkers/ Base Colorists: People to line art of give a base coloring to final drafted or lined pics.

-Novice Level Colorists: People who can color at a reasonable level for the final drafted or lined pics.

-Effect specialists: People who can ad special effects and text for speech bubbles

-Editors: For the script's dialogue

And I believe that's that ^^

Now Opportunities ^^
again you'd be surprised how this ties in everything :P
See despite how an artist may "ENVISION" something I'm not so cocky in my skills as too say oh hey this is gonna be the "Bee's knees" without some trial and error :P
So i wanna shoot at the dark with some ideas they'll help me Practice out the boy's before the MAIN comic idea goes out there AND I thought why not bring back my completely random and other world idea to help get the boy's some practice ^^
So yeah here's the point of Opportunities that may seem more appealing to people than Volunteer ^^

-I DON"T mind drawing people's Oc's if they face the boy's in a one shot intro called "WAR of the Ocs"

-BUT if your Oc IS featured in the comic They have to be A. have a Decent Full Body picture of themselves and B a Halfway eligible Bio and reasonable move-set (Please no GOD Level Techniques...though a finishing move isn't tossed XD ) as in these one shots the boys and the Oc may clash in an few fight scenes or against...well that would be telling XD

-For the Main Story I said i won't be using the characters of Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon as the story progress ^^ Instead Oc's submitted from artist will be used for the Main script and fit into the final form of the script though they'll have some slight changes made for them when said script IS completed ^^  

-Since I'm usually stuck at the CONSTANT development stage for the boys I've Also decided to add "Vote" in my picture descriptions. Meaning just as I've uploaded the new pics in them you'll see one titled "RRB Hair Styles". If in the pics of the boy's seen no one likes them they can opt to have a new Hairstyle added to the by choosing a number from 1 through 4. In some future pics I'll also add this to help create other Oc's or concept work ^^

- and Finally Fan Art Wanted ^O^

FAN  ART  WANTED!!!!!!!!!!

I find I'm the most motivated to draw when someone does something that sparks my interests :D

And I'm also curious to see how other artists see The VERSION of the Boy's I've done in their own way ^^

So from now till the end of the year I'm having an "Unofficial Contest" for DA artists to try drawing my Boy;s AS THEY SEE FIT :)

And if the winners version is better than my own....I'll use that version for the Final Product over whatever last version i come up

with at the end of the year :)

More info on that tomorrow ^O^

So yeah for all of you who have survived this Journal entry.

Stay Tuned ^^ 
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Kairukurumi Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2013
I can help with scripting for overall series/one shots and base coloring
Beatallsthebad4 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013
Aney time at all, all you have to do is call and I'll be there what do you need help with
trainertaik34 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Meh.. Am not really good at this. But I guess I'll try to do a fanart. Something to do for the holidays..
Yousha Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013
I'd like to help with writing and character creation, if you still need the help.
Yousha Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013
Woops, didn't know I sent 2. Now I feel ridiculous.
Yousha Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013
I would like to apply for any volunteer position you still have available. I'd like to go for character concepts/main story or story in general. If you want you can take a look through my gallery and tel me what you'd think. I'd really like to help in any way I can, if you'll have me. 
Kasumi-Tengu Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If you need any character ocs or like...witty commentary just give me a holla...I'm not that good of an artist but dammit I'll try.
NeoEdensKing Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013
Sure thing ^^

Also saw your gallery your art style is better than mine O___O

So yeah you should most definitely try entering the RRBD contest or apply for a position of pencilist at least ^^.

And thank you for volunteering :) 
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