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Yo Da Fans the Kings Back in action and I've gotta say Couldn't be Bloody happier.
Classes are over with and yours truly is feeling the fire of creativity All over again so its time to get back to What I Promised Ya'll

RRBD BITCHES!!!!!!!!! >O<

Sorry Kinda feeling Hyped so forgive me for the profanity but its been one HELL of a Semester and the last ones the icing on the Cake for my BA so both Pressure Stress and slight Elation at the fact ^^

But more of the formers than anything else >3<

Still Will persevere for the sake of RRBD and GT >3<

And above all else that SWEET ENGLISH B.A. XD

Now Onto Business.


So yeah After my computer Fell into the raging inferno known as Spark City I've had to do ALOT of revamping on all of my destroyed works Y__Y

Gotta say though the volunteers though...haven't pulled through as much as I've hoped ^__^;

Not to pull anyone's choppers but only a few people managed to Note me with a homework Assignment, and amazingly enough it was the artists who did it which i really wasn't expecting (no offense guys XD)

But on the writers side its been a total Nothing which actually shocked me as it seems they had the easiest role of them all and really I made the Assignment so easy it really took a punch to my kidneys cause i don't know if its just that time of year or whether It just didn't go through at all...

Well sad to say though of the few artists that DID put in for the Story by making Ocs Congratulations Your reward is your creations will Appear in RRBD's story line. There are some edits to add but yeah Your works were inspirational for the massive Revamp i Had to deal with on my end so Pat yourselves on the Fucking Back And in the comment section of this Journal Post a Link to the pictures you made.

As for everyone else on the Volunteer section Well just send me what ya can i'll look it over regardless or at least note me if you can't do the project at LEAST let me know.


Positions are Still Open BUT NOT For Writers and Advisers.

I'm Still Looking for Colorists and Stick Figure Drafters so Yeah anyone reading this Journal if you can draw half way decently or color at at LEAST as a base level contact me.


I Guess For the MAIN purpose of this journal I'm Pausing on RRBDs Main Story for next year as There is both a mixture of Last Semester of Classes to deal with for next Spring and Finalizing of the RRBD story With the few advisers and workers i have left I don't wanna jump the gun ^^

So Instead i'm going to introduce an Old Idea that'll help Promote RRBD and at the same time give me practice on my art skills and Comic editing.


Yeah...Pretty much i figured that during the my Computers Breakdown and my Massive Depression of all my lost info I'd need a side project to keep the viewers and watchers bumping me on this comic less i lose interest in it entirely.And i also promised you guys that RRBD would feature a twist well i'll break that Twist with this comic production 

So Here's the Skimmy Its time to Vote Guys -3-…


Decided that a good way to practice all around and try and involve DA members in a more productive method of Democracy XD

And i think thats It....

Any ?'s from the crowd by all means ask away ^^

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SweetestKOs Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Here is my monster entry.
NeoEdensKing Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013
And like that you're in ^^
Now For your next assignment ^^
try your hand at drawing between EITHER
A: Mojo jojo in normal clothing in your OWN vision
B: A House of where The boys and Mojo will be living

P.S. Note me your skype or email adress so i can send you more information of the project ^^
dreshaq Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013  Student General Artist
Is it still too late to send in my rrb short story??
NeoEdensKing Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013
Pretty much Ya but since Its Christmas ^^

Post your story on DA and send me the link once thats done ^^
Megaguardain Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013  Student General Artist
Wait, writers had an assignment?....Oops. Was a note sent or was it something via Skype? I had to reinstall that we my mom's main computer died and she shifted to using her laptop all the time.
NeoEdensKing Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013
? Did ya read the journal before this one?
Megaguardain Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013  Student General Artist
Nope...I'm starting to think I have ADHD or ADD.
heatburnman Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
NeoEdensKing Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013
Okay so I'm deprived of nearly 40 hours of sleep as i type this so i hope i'm not too rude when i ask

What are you saying cause quite frankly I have no Idea what "uhmmmhumm" means.

please at least give me a reply with a half way decent point >~<
heatburnman Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
uhmm.. yeah so. *ahem*
I saw your post bellow the GT page
and well since I'm a fan I became 
curious and all, so i click the two links.
After reading them all. I the realized why GT
was such in a slow pace considering 2011's
had a 1 page per 2 weeks interval.
And that gave me an idea that you or
who ever the writer of GT is still in college
and has works to be done.
Also I was pleased that now you're on your
break (I don't know if its a semester, holiday or
what ever kind, it's different here in the Php).
So yeah with that I'm guessing the page will go on
pretty smoothly, what the "uhmmmhumm"
was that I was confused with the event you
where planning in pertaining to the "OC battle".
Yes i've been reading GT and many such of snafu's
well entertaining dojinshi.
But that doesn't mean I should know everything the
writer or creator does,(that wasn't an insult, I'm just saying)
further more. I also don't like to hassle myself on the
forums and discussion, I just like reading the story.
(thank you by the way if you are one of the co-writers of GT).
so yeah, that's basically it. Uhmmhumm. really just meant 
"Oh now i get it, okey good luck with that".

Hope this answers your question Sir. 
And again thank you for bringing us GT (if you are one of the people you made GT happen, best regards to bleedman as well, as you see he is one of my fellow countryman). XD

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